Android read text messages programmatically

If no custom default icon is set and no icon is set in the notification payload, Android displays the application icon rendered in white. By overriding the method FirebaseMessagingService.

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  • Be familiar with BroadcastReceiver class?
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When your app is in the background, Android directs notification messages to the system tray. A user tap on the notification opens the app launcher by default. This includes messages that contain both notification and data payload and all messages sent from the Notifications console. In these cases, the notification is delivered to the device's system tray, and the data payload is delivered in the extras of the intent of your launcher Activity.

For insight into message delivery to your app, see the FCM reporting dashboard , which records the number of messages sent and opened on iOS and Android devices, along with data for "impressions" notifications seen by users for Android apps. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

Android sms github

For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Overview Guides Reference Samples Libraries. Guides Get started with Firebase. Add Firebase to an app. Add Firebase to a game. Use Firebase with a framework. Manage your Firebase projects.

What you will LEARN

Manage projects programmatically. Use the Admin SDK. Manage project access IAM. Firebase predefined roles. Prototype and test with Emulator Suite. Use an extension in your project. Realtime Database. Usage and Performance. Cloud Firestore. Understand Cloud Firestore. Add and manage data. Read data. Secure and validate data. Usage, limits, and pricing. Cloud Firestore integrations.

API reference. Serve dynamic content and host microservices. Cloud Functions.

Call functions directly. Trigger background functions. Write functions. Test functions. Monitor functions. API Reference. ML Kit.

Receive messages in an Android app

Recognize text. Detect faces. Scan barcodes. Label images. Detect and track objects. Recognize landmarks. AutoML Vision Edge. Label images with your models. Natural Language. Identify the language of text. Translate text. Generate smart replies. And handle all the logic inside your own BroadcasReceiver, this way you keep all of your business logic wrapped inside your own class. For my case I want to have more control and adaptability, but using the manifest is the same as registering in your Application. Sign in. Get started.

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